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This is a very very hard KeyGenMe.

Try your luck.

Rules are as usual: Don't Patch, write a KeyGen, write a tutorial.

Difficulty: 8 - *VERY VERY* hard
Platform: Windows
Language: Borland Delphi

Published: 06. Mar, 2008
Downloads: 878


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Solution by MR.HAANDI, published 22. mar, 2008; download (650 kb), password: or browse.

MR.HAANDI has rated this crackme as boring.

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Discussion and comments

07. Mar 2008
maaaan, I hoped for a really good math keygenme, but this one is basic, level 8 is really overrated since it's moving around ~5 compared to others.
Suggestion to the author: it would be REALLY more fun if you internally switch the first and the second part of the serial, but I'm relatively sure that you would not know then how to display any message wanted =) However, even if the parts are switched there is a solution, as a prrof: just try "8JWQC6X7QID3ZN464OIMQNZIRXR9VO" in the very first field (in the code/window hack) and "000000000000000000000000000001" as the regular second part of the serial.
07. Mar 2008
Well atleast you are right.. it wasn't that good to use constants intern. But are you sure you've discovered the right solution? I think i can tell the solution: "There is no spoon"

So if you haven't found it out yet, go on :]
07. Mar 2008
I mean in its current state it's easy to display any message with 19 characters (see pn for a valid serial).
What I'm saying is - to get the right serial one can choose a random first part and has to generate a second part, but it would be much more difficult if the second part would be shorter and the first part would be long as in my suggestion.
My serial in the comment "8JWQC6X7QID3ZN464OIMQNZIRXR9VO-000000-000000-000000-000000-000001" is, of course not a valid serial, but if check it, it demonstrates what I'm suggesting.
07. Mar 2008
hi,fortu. i want to know if the program support non-english words? I am afraid not! I can't recognise the different message after i typed a sequence of characters and pressed the button! i am not sure is there anybody else having the same problem. ^_^
22. Mar 2008
Awesome solution MR.HAANDI!
You are a very skilled reverser, good job! ;)

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