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this is a somewhat difficult keygenme.. it has many twists and turns and a lot of fun along the way :) i think you will all really enjoy it and learn a lot from it...

looking for a keygen only. no self keygenning and no patching :)


Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 14. Feb, 2013
Downloads: 182


Votes: 3
Crackme is boring.

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Discussion and comments

17. Feb 2013
Can't understand cmp wiht nulls: 0x04014AE REPE CMPS BYTE PTR ES:[EDI],BYTE PTR DS:[ESI]
17. Feb 2013
Ok, it works in debugger, but without key doesn't work...
19. Feb 2013
not sure what exactly you are saying. you cant not enter a key lol.. the program wont let you.
19. Feb 2013
I mean that under debugger I enter a key and it works. But when I enter a key without debugger it doesn't work.

Why I can't enter a key?
01. Mar 2013
hello fjlj since nobody help me with my problem i just wanted to ask you.I am beginner on cracking programs.I want to learn how to crack a program without using reverse engineering.Can you send me any tutorials or just telling me what to use or what to do.
05. Mar 2013
well you cant exactly snap your fingers and have a program be "cracked" the term cracked is used by script kiddies and people who can not reverse engineer... the process of "cracking" a program is properly referred to as "reverse enginnering" so by saying you wasnt to "crack" a program without reverse engineering makes less sense than saying "i want to tie my shoes but without putting knots in the laces." if you havent figured it out by now i dont take too kindly to people that take reverse engineering for granted.
29. Jun 2013
their is quite a lot of anti debug techniques :)

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