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Use VM (VmWare)
Tested only on Windows XP sp2, sp3

1. Find License key, General Key for your nickname
2. Write keygen
3. Write solution

Thanx to: Roman, Unity, daFix

Difficulty: 4 - Needs special knowledge
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 13. Apr, 2010
Downloads: 465


Votes: 6
Crackme is quite nice.

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Discussion and comments

15. Jan 2011
spent the night but nothing much found all depends on the driver, can you give me tips?
18. Jan 2011
tips? use IDA, remote debug engine, windbg, VM (VmWare), google for debugging drivers, etc..
18. Jan 2011
Use Syser for driver debuging or static analyze (it's more harder then dynamic but too...)
21. Jan 2011

I used windbg + vmware using kdvmware method ( really awesome tool, helps debugging by quite a lot!)

This was basically my first hand experience with kernel debugging as such, and i must say that i liked it (but i must bash developers of windbg, had it used better ui the debugging would've been much more pleasant).

The algorithms implemented were rather simple, just a shame that you didn't implement something in a manner of those bit xors for the general key (it's statically created and then simply compared with what you typed, that kinda killed the fun).

You also could've keep that idea of bitsums for third and fourth part for the rest of the serial, just switch it a bit more/less and add some twist to it.

I'm saying this because it's no fun to go through all this trouble of getting into a driver and then just find simple string compares there.

All in all, it's a good crackme that will teach you a lot assuming you haven't had any contact with real ring0 debugging, otherwise it's nothing special (algorithmically-wise).

Here's the data:
22. Jan 2011
If you solve this fully i'm going to do next version with my driver cryptor :)
15. Apr 2011
Ok, so finally after few months I've finally decided to make a tut for that one seeing nobody else is doing that. I've noticed that there is a small bug in crackme that may cause keygen generate invalid codes on different machines (especially on those with ASLR on for entire system) However in most cases this should work without a problem.

Solution should be up soon, once i finish writing it :P
19. Apr 2011
Great news tamaroth :)
14. Jan 2015
Where is your solution bro? I'm retired from code-reversing but i still waiting your solution. Btw i have lost source code of this lame project and not remember what's going on in it.

I want to learn that in inside. I received mail with requests help to solve this crackme so this crackme seemed interesting.

With best regards, once, the best reverser in my city :)
14. Jan 2015
Holy moly, I completely forgot about it!

I think I have somewhere around 60% of the solution done, let me dig it up from somewhere and see what can be done :)
03. May 2015
Ekaranyi babai, where is your solution sailor?
05. May 2015
I think it's lost somewhere :)

I think at this point I'd have to re-do it from scratch because it's been years. Atm I'm working on something else and unfortunately cannot promise I will do it anytime soon. But feel free to pm me from time to time to remind me to do it :)
06. May, 14:07
A year has passed... and I yet not satisfied!

@ALL: Crackme algo is simple, but if you can to write a keygen, It will make me version number 2 with true code. Try to solve this one.

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