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A little trick to self-check, string-protecting

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: (Visual) Basic

Published: 19. Jan, 2006
Downloads: 267


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Discussion and comments

20. Jan 2006
I don't correctly unpacking it. After unpackining programm show me MessageBox with text "Run-time error '7': Out of memory". It's my problem or it must be?
20. Jan 2006
Tested at Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, Windows XP SP2 Professional and at Virtual Machine created by VirtualPc with Windows XP Proffesional w/o SP1,SP2
20. Jan 2006
I haven't really looked into this CrackMe (I don't like VB too much :) ), but the program is packed with UPX so you can probably use UPX itself to unpack it (So you can be sure that it's not your unpacking problem :) ).
Also note what it says above "A little trick to self-check", so the CrackMe probably performs some kind of CRC check to see if it's unpacked (And then it let's the CrackMe maybe crash...)
Hope this helps a little bit... :)
22. Jan 2006
Run-time error \'7\': Out of memory

Just a little trick to ensure that it is not unpacked.

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