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Crackme #1 by citylights

You need a secret code to escape from the vice city.
Find the correct numbers to calculate the code.

have fun

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 23. Aug, 2013
Downloads: 297


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Solution by rmolina, published 03. sep, 2013; download (5 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

28. Aug 2013
The .exe is calling a function which called _calc on CrackThisApp.dll this function takes 9 arguments (FirstBoxValue,SecondsBoxValue, etc) after some calculations it calls another function within the same DLL it takes 9 arguments then it compares 2 values it jumps if conditions met else it a function which takes 9 arguments ( the function which has just been called and and compare again jump if conditions met otherwise call the function again.. Personally i prefer doing the same as you done GetProcAddress(hCrackApp, "_calc"); and then call that function.That`s not allowed right ?
31. Aug 2013
if my understanding of your words is correct, it will fail the calculation process. But I don't really care if you try.
01. Sep 2013
Are we expected to use bruteforce on it? I believe I understand the validation, and I wrote a simple keygen which generates a restricted subset of solutions. For all those generated solutions I got a "Congratulations! The answer is %s", but the last part is just garbage, not a readable string.
01. Sep 2013
I asked before about bruteforce because I thought that you were expecting just one valid solution which might be used in order to decrypt some message. It seems like you just wanted to print the solution in the missing part of the string, so I am confused. I will send you a PM with some of my generated solutions in order to check if they are valid. Thanks.
01. Sep 2013
sorry, it seems that I left out some stuff in the validation process, the acceptable solution will display an english word. And I will also take bruteforcing solutions as acceptable as long as you can find the correct combination among them.
01. Sep 2013
Then, it would probably be better to update the file.
01. Sep 2013
It took less than a second to bruteforce it :)
"Congratulations! The answer is: Disbelief"
02. Sep 2013
Well, it was not complete bruteforcing...

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