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This is my first keygen.
It's written in visual c++.

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 08. Oct, 2010
Downloads: 1911


Votes: 5
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Solution by hasherezade, published 05. nov, 2010; download (591 kb), password: or browse.

hasherezade has rated this crackme as nothing special.

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Discussion and comments

15. Oct 2010
nope at offset 1320 & its done.
the algorithm is also there.
17. Oct 2010
Hey there , i want to confirm one thing ... do you intentionally play with 4rth character of username ?? If yes then its fine ... otherwise there is variable overflow in crackme ..
17. Oct 2010
Voila, I intentionally make the name with more than 4 characters
17. Oct 2010
Cerberus: no not that ... i know u take username more than 4 chars i.e ... see this asm code of ur crack ..
I use Ida Pro

lea ecx, [esp+174h+username]
push 32h ; cchMax
push ecx ; lpString
push 3E8h ; nIDDlgItem
push edx ; hDlg
call ds:GetDlgItemTextA

Above code will take the username and put on the stack .. say username is .. aaabaaaa at address "esp + 174 + username "

then after some more code, we have code

xor edx, 890428h ;
add esi, edx ;
cmp ecx, 9
movsx edx, [esp+174h+var_159] ----> value of

var_159 is not set anywhere (explicitly by programmer ) in the programm , still you can find string at address "esp + 174 + var_159" is "baaaa" ... it is the string from 4rth char of input username ......

I hope you understand what i meant to say .. well i m newbie here , and if i m wrong , correct me ..:) ...

take care
28. Oct 2010
is self-keygenning accepted?
19. Feb 2011
I patch 2 bytes = Any words fit and removed check on the number of characters in a name
11. Mar 2011
i can't make a keygen i don't know how offset?

28. Apr 2014
Could you give me the source code for reference?
12. May 2014
This a real, nice Keygen for beginners.
More of this man.

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