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Easy Custom pack.
Keygen/Unpack this badboy.

Runs on Windows 98+

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 26. Jul, 2006
Downloads: 546


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Discussion and comments

26. Jul 2006
why is it level 6? keygen is very easy and unpacking isnt needed for analysis at all
26. Jul 2006
also unpacking is not very difficult, all imports are ok, the only thing i don't understand is what there is before 4012a6, olly tracing feature is not very good in this case so i still don't know the OEP
26. Jul 2006
My bad, maybe level 6 was a bit much then.
Still, tutorial must include unpacking.
27. Jul 2006
My fault, I didn't change the level when I checked it, sorry...
Now it's setted to 3 and it should be ok. Let me know.
27. Aug 2006
Nice unpackme. The only interesting part was when he wiped the PE Header, and I had to rebuild it by hand. Aside from that, nothing special. But still, I like it :)

No time to write a tutorial :(
27. Aug 2006
You rebuilt the pe header by hand lol??? rofl

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