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Ok, so this is my first cm :)


1.) It's a Keygenme.
2.) It's not packed, just plain algo for beginners.


1.) No patching.
2.) Write a keygen.
3.) Submit your solution to
a) [or if not possible for whatever reason]



Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: Assembler

Published: 30. Jul, 2006
Downloads: 2001


Votes: 8
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Solution by Iuss, published 05. aug, 2006; download (57 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by cobrasniper555, published 05. aug, 2006; download (96 kb), password: or browse.

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Solution by cyclops, published 05. aug, 2006; download (15 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

01. Aug 2006
A simple keygen from me, but I wonder if this is what the author originally want to see: I mean if the author didnt do
that on purpose, they are probably bugs.
part 2 of the serial - useless instructions:
0040126E |. 03C8 ADD ECX,EAX
00401270 |. 2BD3 SUB EDX,EBX
00401272 |. 33D0 XOR EDX,EAX

part 3 - is this what the author want to move?

00401292 |. B8 F8E04000 MOV EAX,keygenme.0040E0F8
01. Aug 2006
this is only some -i think it is called- junkcode.
thx for your kg!
01. Aug 2006
Okay, I found a serial for my name and I am sure I have the right format for coding it in C++, and when I made my keygen, the serial outputed it close to the correct one, but not completely. Could someone maybe give me a hand on this? (If I'm asking for something illegal on this site like this, go ahead and erase it and notify me :D)
01. Aug 2006
if you could state your problem a little more detailled and tell us what part of your serial is incorrect, we might be able to help you.
01. Aug 2006
Well, it's rather complicated, but I'm using red477's ASM to correct my C++, because I see a couple parts where I f***ed up on, :P . But thanks for trying to help and thanks for the keygenme, it wouldn've been my first on my own! But then I got stuck, lol. Thanks!
01. Aug 2006
Okay, I got my keygen, now...I need a solution.txt if I'm correct(I've only written one keygenme which is still being uploaded and I've never written a solution, so please mind my mistakes :D)
01. Aug 2006
@everyone who solved my keygenme:

give it a try a submit a tuto, i'm really excited to see some results & different ways to approach it!
01. Aug 2006
I have submitted a solution boonz, waiting to see if it can be put up, it includes a source for C++, a keygen and a tutorial which just took me quite a while to write! So glad, it's my first, lol. Hope everyone enjoys it, or a majority of you! :P
01. Aug 2006
hello folks,

NaLe!T sent me a solution via email and it can be found at these locations:
a) Badongo, external host
b) on my homey Apache which is up, when machine is up!T_Keygen.rar

thx a lot, NaLe!T
also a solution by cobrasniper555 is being reviewed by the mods now.
01. Aug 2006
ok boonz first i wanted to write a keygen and a tutorial but uin the second thought it was like: 'Hey, Boonz already wrote the Keygen!' so the tut would be *very* short and i decided not to submit a solution and just let u know that this is the way i made a keygen out of your keygenme (i know patching was not allowed but it was not neccessary to find a serial too):

1.) Patch 401321 to a JMP

00401310 |. B8 F8DD4000 MOV EAX,KEYGEN.0040DDF8 <-- the complete serial is located at 40DDF8 so u just have to patch at 401338 from a
PUSH 0040DC03 to a PUSH 0040DDF8

After these simple patches are made the serial is moved to the textbox instead of the goodboy message

Now u just have to enter a name and click check to get a valid serial!

Thats all :)
02. Aug 2006
hey cybie,

your way may sound a bit lame, but it is 100% correct & effective and since I didn't explicitly forbid self-keygenning your solution is perfectly alright. It does lead to the desired result & in case somebody needed to get this cm done for whatever reason he'd be pretty clever to come up with this.
Thanks a lot for this interesting point of view.
Nice job, mate *thumbsup*
02. Aug 2006
here is my Keygen-Algo for this KeygenMe. I'm to lazy to write a Keygen, sorry.

The KeygenAlgo is divided in three Parts:

strPart1 = strlen * 19h - sum(ASC-Bytes_Editfield_1)

(ASC-Bytes_Editfield_1 is the Sum of all Bytes in ASCII-Code in Editfield 1. For Example: If you Input 1234, or 2431, or !!!g, etc., you will get -102 / FFFFFF9Ah)

strPart2 = strPart1 * strPart1 * strPart1

strPart3 = 41720F48h (If no relocation :-) )

Now you can create the Key:

strKey = "Bon-" + strPart1 + "-" + strPart2 + "-" + strPart3
02. Aug 2006
your solution is fine, right but I'd nevertheless like to see a solution + a compiled keygen. Remember, not everyone can sum things up that easily, so the real newbies would probably be thankful for a full-scaled tut!
02. Aug 2006
I submitted one like 2 days ago, but it hasn't gotten up yet, the mods are a little slow or something....
02. Aug 2006
The crackme is very easy and in this case I prefer to wait some days before approving something. When I have some solutions I'll check them approving only few, the better ones. I can approve all the solutions but it doesn't have much sense to read 5 or 6 identical solutions.
02. Aug 2006
Oh, okay, I didn't think of it that way, well, okay, now I understand.
03. Aug 2006
I've sent you fixed version of keygen. Now it should work in the Firefox too... Have you checked it?

03. Aug 2006
Nah, NaLe!T, I ain' got nothin' yet. Perhaps it's still about to come yet?
04. Aug 2006
It is very simple.I have done it.This is my first try.
04. Aug 2006
only for XP?. :(
05. Aug 2006
I really don't know, I can't test it on other OS, my apologies!

Good job, everyone, quite interesting solutions :)

nice selection ;)

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