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Pamplemousse is a crypto keygenme. Have fun with it

PS: orange!

Difficulty: 5 - Professional problem to solve
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 15. Aug, 2005
Downloads: 709


Votes: 5
Crackme is nothing special.

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Solution by Kerberos, published 09. feb, 2006; download (106 kb), password: or browse.

Kerberos has rated this crackme as awesome.

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Discussion and comments

05. Oct 2005
I solved it yet. I don't think it is just a small keygenme without any interest :) ! I think it is a very interesting keygenme for those who want to begin a study of classical cryptographic technics. And for those who like modular arithmetic, it is a very funny problem (beautiful equations) :)
05. Oct 2005
Yes, nice one Bigbang :)
I solved it about 4 months ago. It is strange that there are still no solution yet.
06. Oct 2005
Congratulations to BeatriX & jB who solved it. Actually jB, you solved it on Jul. 17th, 2005. But well, the most important is the keygen, not the date :)

Still wainting for new keygens :)
06. Oct 2005
Interesting i just see this new crypto cracking, it\s a new one huh or seems i've missed it when first published it.

06. Oct 2005
You missed it bLaCk-eye :)
It looks like one of your keygenmes, you'll see.

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