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This is my first crackme so don't be disappointed :D

It is written in
(You will need the .net 2 framework installed to run this exe)

Objectives: (no patching or loaders)

-->make a keygen

Each key is only valid for one hour an one pc!

Difficulty: 2 - Needs a little brain (or luck)
Platform: Windows
Language: Unspecified/other

Published: 02. Nov, 2006
Downloads: 484


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Solution by EsKiMo, published 04. jan, 2007; download (19 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

03. Nov 2006
don work in my pc, i have microsoft .net v2.0.50727 (spanish)

it display a messagebox saying no .net framework v2.0.50727
03. Nov 2006
install english version. It works on mine.
BTW, anyone knows how hash code is obtained?
03. Nov 2006
Regarding GetHashCode():
Meaning - keygen *should* be created in .NET 2.0 to work reliably. :)

@emadicius: can you tell me exact size/version of your mscorwks.dll ? Just curious. ;)
03. Nov 2006
ups, i must admit that i dont have .net v2.0.50727 installed, i uninstalled but the folder remains empty

i suppose it works... i will try in other pc
04. Nov 2006
This is my keygencode, but your crackme doesnt accept the code. dunno why.

if (this.textBox5.Text.Length < 4)
MessageBox.Show("Name must at least be 4 characters long!", "crackme #1");
textBox1.Text = string.Format("{0:x}", "CRACKMEFORCRACKMES.DE".GetHashCode() | this.textBox5.Text.GetHashCode()).ToUpper();
textBox2.Text = string.Format("{0:x}", Dns.GetHostName().GetHashCode() | this.textBox5.Text.GetHashCode()).ToUpper();
textBox3.Text = string.Format("{0:x}", DateTime.Now.Hour.ToString().GetHashCode() | this.textBox5.Text.GetHashCode()).ToUpper();
textBox4.Text = string.Format("{0:x}", DateTime.Now.Date.ToString().GetHashCode() | this.textBox5.Text.GetHashCode()).ToUpper();
05. Nov 2006
easy, run reflector, button click rip the code.
06. Nov 2006
Fatmike: from microsoft:
"Furthermore, the .NET Framework does not guarantee the default implementation of the GetHashCode method, and the value it returns will be the same between different versions of the .NET Framework. Consequently, the default implementation of this method must not be used as a unique object identifier for hashing purposes."
So u have to have exaclty the same version of .NET

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