downloadaton's One to rule them all

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my first crackme, have fun!

one is needed to rule them all.
tip: think about what the base pointer does.

rules: no patching

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Unix/linux etc.
Language: C/C++

Published: 26. Jan, 2006
Downloads: 542


Votes: 6
Crackme is quite bad.

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Solution by lagalopex, published 26. jan, 2008; download (4 kb), password: or browse.

lagalopex has rated this crackme as boring crap.

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Discussion and comments

25. Jan 2006
by the way, the executable in the tar.gz is not suitable for developing an exploit (it is part of the crackme to find out why). i compiled it on my system without special care. use the sourcecode.
25. Jan 2006
no patching means: no static patching, no dynamic patching, including: "high-jacking".. ld_preload, ptrace, kmod, etc. etc.
27. Jan 2006
aton :p .......
27. Jan 2006
hehe funny qnix... you exploited the 1st version which actually had a "bug", which made it not exploitable at all ;)
27. Jan 2006
heheheh i didn't exploit anything ... it all wrong :p
04. Feb 2006
the solution still here !!
moderators should remove my solution !!
05. Feb 2006
03. May 2006
Is this supposed to be a joke? there is no way that code is ever going to print "cracked". That off by one error is not exploitable with any compiler I have here, maybe with some obscure flag or specific version, but if that's the case you should provide an executable.

Even if it did work, this isnt really a crackme, no original thinking is required, you can just copy and paste a stock exploit out of any of the numerous papers/books on the subject, anyone interested in the subject has surely already written their own examples which must be much more interesting than this.
03. May 2006
Some research suggests this might be exploitable with earlier gcc versions (<3.3 ?), but if this is what you tested with, you should have stated that or provided an executable, I dont have an ealier gcc here.
03. May 2006
according to a previous conversation with the crackme author, to figure out the specific compiler (version) needed to make this code exploitable is part of the challenge...
03. May 2006
Okay, fair enough i suppose :)
06. May 2007
no patching... but no compiler specified... what about coding our own compiler 8-)

btw... who the h*ll has a 3.x compiler installed or which distribution still offers such an old compiler...

to much hassle for a find-a-vulnerable-compiler-and-exploit-it "crackme" (it doesn't deserves to be called a crackME ;) )
05. Jan 2008
Question. Nowhere is mentioned, what the aim of this "crackme" is.
Just executing it like:
./otrta 'Cracked!!!
you are the lord of the base pointer
Would output the perhaps expected string... ;)

Is anybody thinking someone would solve this?
Could aton perhaps post a solution? Including a vulnerable executable?
(also he wasn here for a year...)

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