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Download, 13 kb (password:
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Rules: Found the correct Serial, and create a mini kg in the lenguage as you can

Coded in VS2012 Framework 4.5

Best Regards Apuromafo

good Boy=Serial Correct
Bad boy=Validacion Erronea= wrong validation

Best Regars Apuromafo

pd:my native language is spanish :D

Difficulty: 1 - Very easy, for newbies
Platform: Windows
Language: .NET

Published: 04. Feb, 2013
Downloads: 468


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Solution by jiml, published 11. dec, 2014; download (863 kb), password: or browse.

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Discussion and comments

04. Mar 2013
This is my first crackme i have ever tried, and i found the password in plain text using simple assembly explorer. Not sure if that was the way to crack it.
11. Mar 2013
if solve the algo, not must be difficult do a keygen in any languaje there you can do but only are registred for that time, about the serial correct, there exist only 1 online valid, and many offline

Best Regards Apuromafo
13. Mar 2013
Wow, pretty hard. Reversing it and encrypting it again and again.... sure doesn't help. Maybe i'm just a noob but I give it a 6/10 in difficulty, taking to account that i can see your whole encrypting process and I know .net really good.
14. Mar 2013
Cracked.. but i didnt figure out the algorithm.. Actually i only tried for 40 minutes and decided to crack like i usually do..

Hint: Small exploit on the second message box ;)
Hint2: this Hint has nothing to do with keygens. If you are planning to keygen it.. i don't have a good advice.
12. Jul 2013
the server online check was checked(posible to delete by te posible DOS in the online check (was someone try to D.O.S the web)..., not was like there exist a check online to the admin , there now not will exist solution of check online, until the dns checker will put again online, but if someone wana do a tutorial not have problem there exploit, crack too the file, best regards Apuromafo
06. Aug 2013
Gah! I was working through this and got to the part where it does the online check. I didn't realize the server was taken down :( Will it be coming back? I have a half finished tutorial!
08. Aug 2013
maybe can coming back in other server but first must check for not d.o.s. again.

best regards Apuromafo
31. May, 08:42
1 - serial must not be empty
2 - serial must be 19 character
3 - serial must be seperated with ( - ) at positions 4,9,14
4 - positions ( 5, 10 ) must equals to F
5 - positions ( 0 , 18 ) must be numbers
6 - sum of position ( 0 , 18 ) must equals 10

valid serial :

Yeah that is quite easy but server isn't working anymore -_-

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