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System ID to System Key crackme. Simply write a keygen that works, no patching.

Difficulty: 3 - Getting harder
Platform: Windows
Language: C/C++

Published: 14. Nov, 2004
Downloads: 825


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Discussion and comments

09. Jul 2005
Hi akcom, I have the feeling that there´s a problem with your crackme. If I´m not mistaken You can only generate a correct serial if the first and third value and the second and fourth value of the system info string are complements (~) of each other.

At least on my system that´s just not the case.
11. Jul 2005
hi guys, i tried this crackme but i cannot find a valid serial for my system-ID. So.. my conclusion is that there is a bug!
18. Jul 2005
Then just patch this bitch, so that it accepts all serials ;D
18. Jul 2005
Yeah DeepBlue but akcom write "no patching" :|
18. Jul 2005
This crackme was discussed two times under Crackmes forum and both times everybody agreed that there is bug in it and that it cannot be solved. I don't know why crackme is still here.

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